A Simple Arduino Task Scheduler (1)

My motivation to write a task scheduler framework is to help me faster develop new Arduino projects. In most projects, we repeat the same tasks over and over before getting to play with the new stuff. You can jump into the code right now by downloading it from my github account at: https://github.com/pchretien/scheduler. ITask Interface… Continue reading A Simple Arduino Task Scheduler (1)

Netduino Plus (Part 2)

I have been playing with my Netduino Plus for about two weeks now and I love it. So far, the most interesting thing about the Netduino is the use of the .Net Micro Framework (.Net MF). Being a C# developer for a decade now, I really enjoy being able to take advantage of this language in my… Continue reading Netduino Plus (Part 2)

Kids Clock

Ok, that one is not rocket science but it realy realy worth the 20$ Arduino micro controller I used to make that kids clock. The idea here is to make sure my 4 years old kid will not wake up at 3:30AM because he has confused the small needle with big needle. The code is real… Continue reading Kids Clock