Motion Detector Box

The initial goal for this project was to build a project enclosure out of wood. I initially had no idea what project I would do with it. I designed the dimensions so that an Arduino could fit inside the box and allow for some space on top for a shield, some sensors and buttons. The… Continue reading Motion Detector Box

Montreal Python #28

Today at 18:30h, I’ll make a short presentation at the 28th edition of the Montreal Python. I’ll present my PyGame Wireless Game Controller and a robot controller by the web. More details about the presentation on the Montreal Python Website: You can get the slides of the presentation here:

Wireless Arduino/XBee Game Controller

For this project, I keep the same controller as in the previous post but, instead of controlling a servo motor  through a second Arduino, I will use it as a game controller. The game will be played on my desktop computer. Since I am not very good at writing games, I downloaded the PyGame library.… Continue reading Wireless Arduino/XBee Game Controller

Free Captchas, Google App Engine and OCR

Captchas are the distorted, almost unreadable strings you have to retype in a web page in order to do a specific action. The purpose of the captcha is to make sure the form has been filled by a human and not a “bot”. Most of the time you will find captchas on login and comment pages.… Continue reading Free Captchas, Google App Engine and OCR