Arduino and Infrared … (Part 3)

That post is due for a long time. I’ll continue with the infrared project and add control of X10 devices in your house. Don’t know what X10 is? Click here to learn more. The code in this post is not much different than the code presented on part 2 of this series. In addition to controlling… Continue reading Arduino and Infrared … (Part 3)

Arduino and Infrared … (Part 2)

In the first article of the series, I explained how to break the code of a standard infrared remote control. In this article, we will use these results to control real world devices. The so called “real world devices” are, at this point of the project, three LEDs. I’ll keep lamps and washing machines control for the next… Continue reading Arduino and Infrared … (Part 2)

Arduino and Infrared (IR) Remotes

This Article is the first of a series on programming an Arduino micro controller to control X-10 devices using an infrared (IR) remote control. This is a relatively cheap project. To make the first part of this project you will need an Arduino micro-controller, an IR receiver and any IR remote control. The overall cost should not… Continue reading Arduino and Infrared (IR) Remotes