Free Captchas, Google App Engine and OCR

Captchas are the distorted, almost unreadable strings you have to retype in a web page in order to do a specific action. The purpose of the captcha is to make sure the form has been filled by a human and not a “bot”. Most of the time you will find captchas on login and comment pages.… Continue reading Free Captchas, Google App Engine and OCR

Google App Engine Email Service

Help improving Google App Engine, go to the Google App Engine Issues page and vote for the issue 677. This is a big no go for many GAE developpers using the Mail service: Take a few minutes to read more about the needs of the Google App Engine community. Philippe Chrétien Alpha

I have released a first version of This release is in its Alpha stage so it may change considerably in the next few days. SecretQUIZ allows you to securely share information with your friends with no need of complicated encryption applications. SecretQUIZ is based on the authentification principle. You write a small quiz with… Continue reading Alpha

Google App Engine 1.2.1

Only two weeks after the release of 1.2.0, Google has released version 1.2.1 of its Google App Engine SDK. This new release includes two great new features, the PyCrypto library and the DataStore Remote API. PyCrypto now provides strong and fast encryption functionalities. With previous versions, strong encryption such as DES/3DES were not available in… Continue reading Google App Engine 1.2.1

Google App Engine

Le “Cloud Computing” gagne chaque jour en popularité. Il est maintenant possible pour une jeune entreprise de développer un site web qui accueil des millions d’usagers et ce à très faible coûts. Google est un leader dans ce domaine avec Amazon et quelques autres compagnies. Google App Engine (GAE) permet à un développeur de construire une… Continue reading Google App Engine