Free Captchas, Google App Engine and OCR

Captchas are the distorted, almost unreadable strings you have to retype in a web page in order to do a specific action. The purpose of the captcha is to make sure the form has been filled by a human and not a “bot”. Most of the time you will find captchas on login and comment pages.… Continue reading Free Captchas, Google App Engine and OCR

Go Dynamic with Google App Engine Cron Jobs

Using shared hosting services still is the most affordable solution for small and medium business projects. However, one of the features you often have to let go using shared hosting is server side autonomous processing. Imagine you want to automatically send an email to all users with expired account or you want to clean a… Continue reading Go Dynamic with Google App Engine Cron Jobs

I have updated my Google App Engine base website. You can try it at: and get the code at: This version is a merge with the developpement done on  The site offers a fully functionnal user management system with a simple contact form. The code is distributed under GPL so feel free to use… Continue reading

Google App Engine Email Service

Help improving Google App Engine, go to the Google App Engine Issues page and vote for the issue 677. This is a big no go for many GAE developpers using the Mail service: Take a few minutes to read more about the needs of the Google App Engine community. Philippe Chrétien