Manage Virtual Assistant Using Git

It is now easy as 1-2-3 to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you out with your software development projects. You don’t have to be a large corporation to work with these oversea companies. The key to success with impartition reside, as many will tell you, in two things. First, your ability to clearly define the work… Continue reading Manage Virtual Assistant Using Git

Git and Visual Studio

Interested in using Git with your Visual Studio project? Add the following to your .git/info/exclude file to avoid checking in un-necessary binaries … */obj/* */bin/* *.suo *.user */Debug/* */Release/* For the Resharper users add the following … _ReSharper* *.resharper If you want to keep VSS files … *.scc

Python and Github

Lately I had a rush of Python programming. I wrote a few totally useless application. You can get the code on my Github account at the following address: These applications have been coded just for fun and are published under the GPL v2.0 license. Your comments are welcome. Philippe Chrétien