Playing With The Beaglebone

I just received my Beaglebone and started experimenting with it. The Beaglebone is a low cost, single board Linux computer with tons of IOs to interface with the physical world. My objective is to make a Python Robot using the Beaglebone as the brain and my Makerbot to build the frame. I found an excellent series of… Continue reading Playing With The Beaglebone

A Simple Arduino Task Scheduler (1)

My motivation to write a task scheduler framework is to help me faster develop new Arduino projects. In most projects, we repeat the same tasks over and over before getting to play with the new stuff. You can jump into the code right now by downloading it from my github account at: ITask Interface… Continue reading A Simple Arduino Task Scheduler (1)

Build a Custom Arduino Clone (Part 3) – Add a Compass

Arduino custom board, accelerometer and compass

This post is the last part of this series of articles (part1, part2) showing how to build a project using a custom Arduino board. To the accelerometer I added a compass. It begins to look more like a forest than an electronic circuit. The compass uses the IC2 protocol to communicate with the Arduino micro-controller.… Continue reading Build a Custom Arduino Clone (Part 3) – Add a Compass