Hacking The Fibonacci Clock

Many people write me asking if it would be possible to add/modify the clock color palettes or change the lamp mode display. Of course it is possible, it’s open source! OK but, what does it mean for a clock to be open source? Why would you care? The short answer is, being open source gives… Continue reading Hacking The Fibonacci Clock

Astronomy Picture Of the Day on your Android

I spent the last week or so learning Android programming. I find it important, in the learning of a new programming tool, to write something with clear specifications. This forces you to work on the best solution instead of using easy to code work-arounds. The specifications are: The application should allow the user to read the Astrophotography… Continue reading Astronomy Picture Of the Day on your Android

A Simple Arduino Task Scheduler (1)

My motivation to write a task scheduler framework is to help me faster develop new Arduino projects. In most projects, we repeat the same tasks over and over before getting to play with the new stuff. You can jump into the code right now by downloading it from my github account at: https://github.com/pchretien/scheduler. ITask Interface… Continue reading A Simple Arduino Task Scheduler (1)

Manage Virtual Assistant Using Git

It is now easy as 1-2-3 to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you out with your software development projects. You don’t have to be a large corporation to work with these oversea companies. The key to success with impartition reside, as many will tell you, in two things. First, your ability to clearly define the work… Continue reading Manage Virtual Assistant Using Git