Hacking The Fibonacci Clock

Many people write me asking if it would be possible to add/modify the clock color palettes or change the lamp mode display. Of course it is possible, it’s open source! OK but, what does it mean for a clock to be open source? Why would you care? The short answer is, being open source gives… Continue reading Hacking The Fibonacci Clock

Fibonacci Clock on Kickstarter

UPDATE: The Fibonacci Clock is now live on Kickstarter! I have 30 days to fund this project … head up to Kickstarter to support me! I present to you the Fibonacci Clock, a clock for nerds with style. Beautiful and fun at the same time, the clock uses the famous Fibonacci sequence to display time… Continue reading Fibonacci Clock on Kickstarter

Making a Fibonacci Clock

Soon I will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Fibonacci Clock project. This clock uses the Fibonacci sequence to display time using a colored tiling representation of the number sequence. The following video is the making of the clock, from woodworking to electronics. All the code and schematics will be published under the GPL… Continue reading Making a Fibonacci Clock

Motion Detector Box

The initial goal for this project was to build a project enclosure out of wood. I initially had no idea what project I would do with it. I designed the dimensions so that an Arduino could fit inside the box and allow for some space on top for a shield, some sensors and buttons. The… Continue reading Motion Detector Box

RGB Lamp Controlled by RFID Tags Built As An Arduino Shield

Making the Scary Monkey project with my son has been a lot of fun so I decided to make another project for the kids. I built an interactive RGB lamp. The lamp has no switch and no dimmer, it’s entirely controlled with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. The RFID reader is hidden in the lamp… Continue reading RGB Lamp Controlled by RFID Tags Built As An Arduino Shield