Arduino, Netduino Plus and XBee Radio

Arduino, Netduino Plus and XBee modems

I just received two XBee wireless modems with an Arduino shield and an USB adapter board. I bought all these parts from I followed the instructions from the Lady Ada website to configure both modems so they can talk to each other. Once I finished soldering the XBee shield stackable headers I tried...

Netduino Plus (Part 2)

Netduino Plus with Arduino Protoshield

I have been playing with my Netduino Plus for about two weeks now and I love it. So far, the most interesting thing about the Netduino is the use of the .Net Micro Framework (.Net MF). Being a C# developer for a decade now, I really enjoy being able to take advantage of this language in...

Netduino Plus (Part 1)

The Netduino Plus

I just received my Netduino Plus. Netduino is an open source microcontroller development board working with the Microsoft .Net Micro Framework. The good news it that the pins layout of the Netduino is compatible with the pinout of the Arduino, which means you can re-use your Arduino shields. The Netduino Plus comes with a...

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