Bicycle Quick Release Headlight

Bicycle Quick Release Headlight

I published a new thing on Thiniverse.comĀ This thing is a quick release bicycle headlight using magnets. I bought the magnets in a garage sale so I can’t really help you find the same magnets.


Print the parts:
2 x clip2.stl
1 x magneta.stl
1 x magnetb.stl

Attach one clip2.stl to magneta.stl using a 1/2″ 6-32 bolt.
Attach the other clip2.stl to magnetb.stl using a 1/2″ 6-32 bolt.
Attach the base to the bicycle handle bar using a 1 1/2″ long 6-32 bolt.
Attach the light to the upper part using a 1 1/2″ long 6-32 bolt.
Superglue the magnets on the bottom of both magneta.stl and magnetb.stl

Make sure you align the small notches in the right direction for your setup.

What’s Next

  1. Would be nice to derive a new thing using more standard magnets.
  2. Making it in OpenScad would allows parametric parts.
  3. Adding new connectors to attach a camera, a map, …

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