I have released a first version of This release is in its Alpha stage so it may change considerably in the next few days.

SecretQUIZ allows you to securely share information with your friends with no need of complicated encryption applications. SecretQUIZ is based on the authentification principle. You write a small quiz with questions you know only your friend can answer. Once all questions have been correctly answered, the secret message is delivered. has been developed using Google App Engine and Python. This should allow scalability in the Google cloud without having to change my code or to buy new hardware.

I release this application free of any charges. I reserve myself the right to charge for some parts of the service in the future if the adds model can not cover maintenance fees. If you read between the lines, this means “click the adds please”!

Feel free to report bugs and to correct my approximate english here on this blog. I’ll follow up on all your comments.

Visit us at

Thank you,

Philippe Chr├ętien


    1. If the recipient is unable to remember one or more answers, he can use the “Send Message To …” form to ask the sender to give him one more hint or simply to send a new quiz.

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