Google App Engine 1.2.1

Only two weeks after the release of 1.2.0, Google has released version 1.2.1 of its Google App Engine SDK. This new release includes two great new features, the PyCrypto library and the DataStore Remote API.

PyCrypto now provides strong and fast encryption functionalities. With previous versions, strong encryption such as DES/3DES were not available in the framework. There was some pure Python implementations of DES but that was a lot slower and cost a lot of CPU time.

The other great addition in 1.2.1 is the DataStore Remote API. This new API allows you to write client side application that uses the distributed DataStore. Using this API you can run maintenance and diagnostic code on a remote machine. The bandwidth used is calculated in your in and out bandwidth quota.

More informations on this new release at:

Philippe Chr├ętien


  1. Do you really think Google app engine is worth the hassle? At 7$ a month, a hosting site with php mysql drupal and everything else is hard to beat.
    By trying too hard to sell Python for the cloud, Google might be heading for a snake on on a plane disaster. Isn’t Windows the obvious choice here?

    1. Google App Engine is actually verry good at developing web applications. For content oriented web sites such as news, forums, blog or photo gallery, I think a simple hosting plan with tools like Joomla, Word Press, phpBB and MySql is a much better choice.

      In a near future, however, I see Google App Engine taking more place in the content type web sites with the arrival of specially designed content management servers. These content management applications will take full advantage of the Google cloud.

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