Bluetooth is Watching You …

I thought it could be fun to write a small program in Python using Bluetooth.

I then read an article about the explosion in popularity of Bluetooth devices and decided to write a small program that would detect Bluetooth devices in a specific location. A trace of all these devices would then be kept in a database along with its location and the time it has been detected.

An interesting project would be to distribute a large number of Bluetooth detector around the world that would send the collected data to a central portal where anybody could make queries to see where their device has been detected. A good starting point would be to have such a detector close to the Eifel tower in Paris, an other at Stonehenge UK, etc. 

 The application is written in Python using Pybluez Bluetooth library and the MySQL database. The code is available on my Github account at and is released under GPL v2.0 license.

Once again, comments welcome,

Philippe Chrétien

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