Twitter Controlled Robot

I presented this project at the 28th Montréal Python meeting. I posted the slides of the presentation in my previous post here. The objective of this project was to demonstrate the use of  pyserial and XBee to wirelessly control a robot. This project was also my first attempt at using the Tweepy library. The requirements… Continue reading Twitter Controlled Robot

Wireless Arduino/XBee Game Controller

For this project, I keep the same controller as in the previous post but, instead of controlling a servo motor  through a second Arduino, I will use it as a game controller. The game will be played on my desktop computer. Since I am not very good at writing games, I downloaded the PyGame library.… Continue reading Wireless Arduino/XBee Game Controller

Wireless Arduino/XBee Remote Control with Compass and Accelerometer

A few weeks ago we played with XBee wireless devices. Last week we played with accelerometers and compass. This week we will put it all together in a custom remote control. Our first project will be to remotely control a servo motor by using two Arduinos and two XBee modules. The remote control (transmitter) should be straight… Continue reading Wireless Arduino/XBee Remote Control with Compass and Accelerometer

Arduino, Netduino Plus and XBee Radio

I just received two XBee wireless modems with an Arduino shield and an USB adapter board. I bought all these parts from I followed the instructions from the Lady Ada website to configure both modems so they can talk to each other. Once I finished soldering the XBee shield stackable headers I tried the… Continue reading Arduino, Netduino Plus and XBee Radio