Playing With The Beaglebone

I just received my Beaglebone and started experimenting with it. The Beaglebone is a low cost, single board Linux computer with tons of IOs to interface with the physical world. My objective is to make a Python Robot using the Beaglebone as the brain and my Makerbot to build the frame. I found an excellent series of… Continue reading Playing With The Beaglebone

Twitter Controlled Robot

I presented this project at the 28th Montréal Python meeting. I posted the slides of the presentation in my previous post here. The objective of this project was to demonstrate the use of  pyserial and XBee to wirelessly control a robot. This project was also my first attempt at using the Tweepy library. The requirements… Continue reading Twitter Controlled Robot

Montreal Python #28

Today at 18:30h, I’ll make a short presentation at the 28th edition of the Montreal Python. I’ll present my PyGame Wireless Game Controller and a robot controller by the web. More details about the presentation on the Montreal Python Website: You can get the slides of the presentation here:

Arduino Motor Controller Using an L293D Chip

Controlling DC motors is at the heart of many robotic projects. Servo motors are sexy but DC motors are cheap and a lot more useful to control wheel based robots. In this article I’ll display a “robot shield” circuit that allows you to use cheap motors to drive your robot. Wiring This shield has been built on… Continue reading Arduino Motor Controller Using an L293D Chip